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Do you love TAPAS? But the real ones?

If you do, you can get directly from Barcelona a Tapas Box containing selected quality ingredients to prepare authentic Tapas at home. Discover the real Spanish traditional products from small Spanish producers, with high reputation in Spain but unknown abroad. Taste our traditional ingredients and find out what makes them different and unique, as well as their history and the way they are elaborated.

Cook your own Tapas guided by the recipes and advice you will find inside the Box. You will simply have to add some fresh basic products, like bread or tomatoes. Enjoy and share all these Tapas with friends and family, as a meal or as an appetizer! You can also offer our Tapas Box as a gift and have it shipped all across Europe.

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We also highly recommend some additional ingredients and products like wine, spices, olive oil... These are special products we particularly appreciate and our recommendation is to buy them separately or additionally to our Box.

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